10 Years of Rain Water Harvesting

The project started 10 years ago after an intense outcry for help from the village Bedanda: People suffer from a severe lack of drinking water, children are ill and die of diarrhea, women walk for hours every day carrying drinking water. ‘‘From February, in the dry season, our wells are empty and if deepened we find salt water.’’

Since 2005 my African friend Bicosse Nandafa and I, a former development worker, hurried to find an appropriate and sustainable solution. We constructed and developed water containers of ferro cement, to store rain water to be used as drinking water in the dry season. After a start in Bendanda, 10 years ago, the project constructed almost 2000 family tanks of 5000 l. in the salty coastal region of Guinea Bissau. People learned the value, we have one thousand requests. A tank is simple in use, low cost and constructed with hand tools. It is built by local masons with local available materials and it is reparable. We train the village masons on the spot. All materials are bought at the local market.

The tankowner pays € 60,-, the project pays € 180,-. The total costs of a tank are €240,-.

Rain water, stored in a dark tank, stays safe during the whole year, see the evaluation.

We invite donors to support us: NL87 RABO 0340 7787 92

Your gift is welcome as a mouthful water in a dry throat.

Enthusiastic supporters and students are welcome to contact us

Thank you,
Paul Akkerman
president of the Foundation Friends Holten-Bedanda.
Stichting Vrienden Holten Bedanda.