Annual report 2017 for contributors

Over the year of 2017, CLEAN WATER-HEALTHY VILLAGE project has built 441 drinking water tanks for households: 355 in Guinea-Bissau and 86 tanks in other African countries. The result meets our strategy to spread the building of Calabash Tanks (see map). The political and economic development of Guinea-B. is stagnating. We have been providing training courses in Nigeria and Guinea-Conakry. A Tanzanian construction team came over to our centre in Buba to be taught how to apply the tank building skills in East Africa. Our own masons were given refresher courses and new local masons were trained in the North of Guinea-Bissau. This shows how much we stress the importance of education. The Calabash tank is a success: good, cheap, simple and nice. “Each farmer’s wife would like to have such a tank by her kitchen.” The board is aware that for millions of small African farmers it is a tremendous asset to be able to have a safe and clean water supply at their homes. A building manual for the Calabash Tank is now available in English and in Portuguese. The French version is on the way. By giving international training courses, we are able to pass on the fruit of our work, while remaining a small organisation.

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