Annual report 2018 for contributors

The international distribution of the Calabash Cisterns goes on. Our Cistern is being built in 10 African countries. This is the result of our training courses. The costs are partly paid at our expense, partly at the expense of the independent customer organization. At our expense, 360 cisterns were built in Guinea and 48 internationally. 148 Cisterns were built at the expense of the customer, so a spin-off. All together 556 Calabash Cisterns were built in 2018. Our strategy turns out to work. We build in Guinea-Bissau and we distribute the know-how of the Calabash Cistern through training courses and MANUALS in 3 languages. A new phenomenon is that African trainers travel through Africa to train colleagues: trainers from Guinea-Bissau, Congo and Kenya travel to Guinea-Conakry, Senegal, Tanzania and Malawi. Mutual development!

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